ElectroGraph at Supercapacitors Europe 2013 (Berlin, 17. –18. April 2013)

It is our great pleasure to announce that EletroGraph Project is going to be a part of this year’s Supercapacitors Europe Conference. In an oral presentation you will have a chance to hear about:

“Graphene-based electrodes for application in supercapacitors – Insights into ElectroGraph project”

  • Introduction to the project: Scope, objectives, partners
  • Overview of graphene-based materials under investigations
  • Processing of the electrodes
  • Activities towards applicability demonstration

The project will be presented and represented for the duration of the conference by the project coordinator, who will be available for discussions.

For more details on the event as well as other interesting topics please visit:


We are looking forward to meeting with you in Berlin.



Supercapacitors are considered one of the newest innovations in the field of electrical energy storage. In hybrid electric vehicle, supercapacitors can be coupled with fuel cells or batteries to deliver high power needed during acceleration as well as to recover the available energy during regenerative braking.

The ElectroGraph project follows and will use an integrated technology driven approach in development of both electrode materials as well as the electrolyte solutions as required for optimizing the overall performance of supercapacitors. The combination of graphene and graphene-based material as electrode materials, and use of room temperature ionic liquids (RTILs) as electrolyte is the target of development. At the end of the project the performance of those materials is to be demonstrated in the functional model of supercapacitor.

Strategic Project Goals

  • Position Europe as scientific leader in synthesis, processing and application of graphene for industrial technology.
  • Demonstrate to industry the enhanced performance and cost benefits of graphene.
  • Contribute to creating innovative European nanotechnology industry.
  • Promote uptake of nanotechnology in existing sectors.
  • Positioning Europe on supercapacitor/energy storage market.


Scientific and Technical Goals

  • Production of graphene in volumes required and with properties adjusted for novel electronic components (electrodes/supercapacitors).
  • To establish a feedback between material properties and design parameters.
  • Optimizing overall performance of supercapacitors.
  • To present a functional model of supercapacitor.
  • Assessment of hazard and exposure associated with graphene materials as well as their life cycle impact.
  • To identify the potential for value recovery from graphene electrodes.


Exploitation Goals

  • Bringing graphene from laboratory into the real application in a supercapacitor device.
  • Incorporation of graphene into commercially available devices.
  • Supercapacitor device that tops all market offerings.
  • Supercapacitor device that opens up markets and applications currently outside reach.
  • Integration in automotive components.
  • Integration of materials and technologies into existing manufacturing automotive processes.
  • Innovative components and systems for vehicle with autonomous power supply.
  • Integration, miniaturization and cost reduction.